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Eloqua managed services

Oracle Eloqua is one of the most effective marketing automation tools for scaling your Sales & Marketing processes. It boasts a very flexible open API for custom integrations, a vast marketplace for third-party plugins, and a robust platform for endless customization and automated processes.

If you use Oracle Eloqua already, or are considering choosing it, we can help you optimise your setup, and implement scalable processes that will compliment existing Sales & Marketing standard work.

Make Oracle Eloqua the beating heart of your marketing processes.

You get out what you put in to your marketing automation system. We help businesses set up scalable marketing operations that help automate the routine, simplify the complicated, and report on every moment.

Salesforce CRM integrations

A marketing automation system (MAS) is only as good as the customer relationship management (CRM) system it is connected to. Creating harmony in your data flows and processes between MAS and CRM early on saves businesses endless hours and resources building, and rebuilding data management programs in the future, and help you shift your team’s focus away from navigating complexities, towards improving campaigns, messaging, and conversion rates.

Our team will deploy correct uses of the SFDC integration application, along with update rules, Program Canvas’, Lists, Shared Filters, and Segments to give you a flexible but comprehensive CRM integration.

Data Management

Every data-led system requires hygiene-management to remain an effective tool. Oracle Eloqua provides many ways to maintain your data, but most require customisation to the needs of the user and the organisation’s implementation requirements. Our team will establish Data Management systems for clients so you can feel confident of where your data is stored, what data is standardised, and an audit-log of changes to ensure no risk to data integrity.

Templated workflows

Oracle Eloqua is famed for it’s limitless flexibility, but in order to build scalable tactics your business will rely on templated workflows designed to get routine tactics completed faster, without risk of human error.

We build comprehensive templates for Campaigns, Emails, Landing Pages, Forms, Segments, and Reports that will lead you to 1-click setup of fully fledged cross channel, cross time-zone, cross- market marketing communications.

GDPR+ and privacy

All marketing teams need to be considerate of privacy laws across markets, and ensuring your marketing automation tool is equipped with the means of preventing data breaches, and freedom of information requests is essential to stay on the right side of digital laws. Don’t fret, our team can build you comprehensive data policies and systems to sustain them.

Our Oracle Eloqua managed services include:

  • Complete system administration
  • Training for your team
  • Audits and development projects
  • CRM integration and management
  • Assets and components development
  • Implementation and process setup

How we support your digital strategy

Partner with us

For a flat monthly fee, we will contribute to the development and management of your digital strategy in a consultative, supporting role.

Outsource to us

If you have a skills or resources gap, you can outsource a role, or responsibilities to a member of our team you can close the gap.

Request a retainer

For ongoing, routine services and support, and for peace of mind, a retainer plan means we’re available for when you need us most.

Workshops and training services

Hire us for training days, workshops, or 1:1 coaching.

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We support clients to adapt their marketing strategy and commercial operations to establish scalable, sustainable, highly-effective marketing.

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